June 6, 1931 - January 6, 2021
Scoutmaster Alumni, Adult Troop Historian, Eagle Scout Mentor

A letter to the families of Troop156 from our Scout Master Mike Alsobrooks on January 7, 2021

Hello Troop 156 Family,

Tonight I am writing to let you all know the sad news that our mentor, coach, Scout Master, but most of all our friend, Mr. V. passed away yesterday morning. He was at home with his wife and family and went peacefully I am told. As many of you probably already know, he has been in declining health for many months so this was not a shock to family and friends but very sad all the same.

Over the past 24 hours I have heard many stories from current and former troop members about the impact Mr. V. had on their lives. In my own life I give full credit (or blame) to him for my involvement in adult leadership roles in this troop. As a new and somewhat skeptical parent who was not a scout as a youth, I was far from an obvious candidate to wear a brown shirt, but that did not deter Mr. V. In his typical fashion he did not take no as an answer and soon Chuck Bologna and I had our lives changed for the better when Mr. V. convinced us both to get in uniform. Since then, he has been one of the most influential mentors in my life and I will be forever grateful for the time and wisdom he shared with me.

I know everyone who met him has similar stories and I would encourage you to share those stories with his family and other troop members. It is a fitting way to remember the man who always insisted that Troop 156 is "The greatest troop in the world!!"

In closing I wanted to share a picture that I think captures the very essence of "V" and what he did for the youth in this troop. Who else could capture the attention and imagination of our scouts the way he did? We were so blessed to have him with us for so long.

God Bless Mr. V!!!

Below is a scan from a letter from Mrs. V